Pictures for the Human Rights e.V.
The Exhibition around the world
Articles and artists:

Article 1

Freedom, equality, fraternity

Barbara Wilmers-Hillenbrand


Article 2

Prohibition of discrimination

Article 3

Right to life and liberty

Article 4

Prohibition of slavery and slave trade

Elfi Kizibay


Article 5

Prohibition of torture

Article 6

Recognition as a legal entity

Article 7

Equality before the law

Article 8

Right to legal protection

Article 9

Protection against arrest and expulsion

Article 10

Right to affair trial

Article 11

Presumption of innocence

Article 12

Article 13

Sphere of freedom of the individual
Freedom of movement and immigration

Article 14

Right of asylum

Lenny Bittger


Artikel 15

Right to citizenship

Article 16

Marriage, family

Article 17

Right of property

Article 18

freedom of thought, conscience and religion

Marie Elser


Article 19

Freerdom of expression and information



Artikel 20

Freedom of assembly and association

Artikel 21

Universal and equal suffrage

Artikel 22

Right to social security

Ron Clarke


Article 23

Right to work, equal pay

Article 24

Right to rest and leisure

Article 25

Right to food, accommo-dation and medical care

Article 26

Right to education

Article 27

Freedom of cultural life and copyright

Article 28

Social and international order

Artikel 29

Basic obligations towards others

Article 30

Interpretation rule


Our bylaws:

Articles of association:
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