Pictures for the Human Rights e.V.
The Exhibition around the world

Artist welcome!


The Human Rights Open-Air Exhibition

  30 articles, 30 artists, 30 pictures

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Resolution 217 A (III) of 10.12.1948) consists of 30 articles adopted by the United Nations. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a dynamic document designed to ensure the greatest possible protection for all people in the here and now. 
The project is also dynamic, Pictures for the Human Rights e.V. will make the articles visible and send them around the world in travelling exhibitions.
Artists from all over the world are invited to interpret one of the 30 articles in their visual language. The selected pictures will be printed on construction fences and placed in city centres and at major events. 
The Pictures for the Human Rights Tour starts in July 2021 at the Festival of
Human rights in Holzkirchen/Munich.

The course of the tour and the biographies of the artists will be made visible on the website of the association.

Applicants: International
Age: unlimited

painting, drawing; photography, mixed media
Attention! Important!  The format 80x80 cm is mandatory.

Application deadline:

The executive committee of the association Pictures for the Human Rights e.V. 

All information about:  selection, exhibition fee and details on submissions at